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Total Lunacy!

Live Internet talk radio… It’s a thing… It’s a thing that we do!
We are Practical Lunacy.
It’s the show that is about absolutely nothing and absolutely everything, all at once!
We grab news stories and run with them… We talk about things that they say shouldn’t be talked about in mixed company; sex, politics, religion. Nothing is off limits! And the coolest part about being live: We can interact with our audience, abundantly, in the middle of the show! Join our chat room. Be one of us! We guarantee you’ll have fun, unless you don’t; you’re not paying anything, so there’s no refunds.
Join in our chat room and be with all the Lunaticks!

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Practical Lunacy is on at 9pm eastern on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Tuesday nights are hosted by Luna, Storymaster, and Sarok.

Friday nights are hosted by Luna, Storymaster, and Triggar.

We have guest hosts here and there too!

Join us by getting interactive at

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